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Fort Carson soldier remembered for service, sacrifice and humor

Fort Carson soldier remembered for service, sacrifice and humor

FORT CARSON, Colo. - Friends remembered a fallen soldier at a memorial service at Fort Carson on Thursday for his service, sacrifice and goofy dances.

twenty-six-year-old Sergeant Michael Pritchard died at the mountain post on January 13. Fort Carson hasn't not released any other information about his death. It says the investigation is on-going.

Pritchard was a combat medic. Spec. Zachary Kreisheimer said it takes a special type of person to do Pritchard's job.

"When someone goes down you have to put your life in danger and become, go out in the field of fire and save that person," said Kreisheimer.

Comrades who spoke at the service said Pritchard was dedicated to his work. Kreisheimer said the decorated soldier had a unique gift in dealing with patients.

"He'd be the one where if you got hurt, he'd be the one you'd want next to your side," said Kreisheimer.

Kreisheimer and fellow soldiers who spoke at the memorial agreed, Pritchard knew how to lighten the mood.

He had an infamous dance to make friends laughed during long days without a lunch break. It was called the "Ham and Cheesey" dance; he would wave his hands in the air and sing about his love for ham and cheese sandwiches.

Pritchard was born in Seoul, Korea and he loved to travel. He returned to Korea for two years while serving on an overseas tour. He was deployed to Afghanistan.

He was transferred to Fort Carson in October 2010. He had recently joined the Headhunters Company, 1-67 Combined Arms Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat team where he served as a health care specialist in November 2012.

Kreisheimer said his death caught him and fellow soldiers off guard. He said its been hard on the platoon but they are working through it.

One comrade told the crowd at the memorial that even though Pritchard didn't die in combat, any soldier that stands up and raises his right hand is a hero.


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