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Fort Collins School bars 'Merica Day' but 'America Day' OK

High School students say celebration is patriotic, but school disagrees

FORT COLLINS, Colo - A high school in Fort Collins will celebrate "America Day" after administrators vetoed the students' previous idea to call it "Merica Day."
The Fort Collins Coloradoan reported Tuesday the administrators' action triggered a protest by a small group of parents and young people outside Fort Collins High School on Tuesday.
The administrators say they barred the word "Merica" because they said it's often used as derogatory slang to describe life in the U.S., not because they're unpatriotic.
In an email to parents, Principal Mark Eversole said the school supports many activities to celebrate the nation.
School district spokeswoman Danielle Clark says administrators wanted the event to have "a unifying message" because of the international population of Fort Collins, home to Colorado State University.
"America Day" will be Monday.

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