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Found wedding photos on the way to couple who lost them

Family located couple through KRDO Newschannel 13 Facebook

Couple pictured in found wedding photos located

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In the nick of time for Christmas, a Colorado couple is celebrating. They found their lost wedding pictures and KRDO Newschannel 13 helped reunite them. 

Josie and Mike Shea have been married for four months. As they share their first Christmas season together as a married couple, they're rejoicing for a different reason. 

"I follow KRDO on Facebook and our picture was on Facebook. One of our wedding pictures was on their website," said Josie Shea. 

That wedding picture and many others have been missing since August, the day after their wedding. 

"My in-laws, his parents, went and visited the Olympic Training Center and said that they lost the camera card so we just figured we would never get them back," said Shea. 

Never say never because a family visiting from Florida found the camera card at the OTC. They realized the photos on the card were irreplaceable. 

"It's rare that you will find someone who will just pick something up, and even live out of state, and try to get it back to the right person," said Shea.    

The Odza family contacted Newschannel 13 to find the rightful owners of the blissful pictures. With a post on Facebook and KRDO.com, Josie Shea found her long lost wedding photos. 

"I called into the station and they connected me with the woman who found it and she was more than happy to send it back to us," said Shea. 

It's a generous gesture days away from Christmas. 

"She went out of her way to try to get it back to us," said Shea. 

Those pictures on the camera card will be in the mail on Saturday (12/20/13). The family says they've saved copies of the wedding memories in case the camera card gets lost in the mail.  

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