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Fountain Police look for man who's flashing and luring kids

Police say they've recieved reports since November

Fountain PD search for man flashing and luring kids

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - The Fountain Police Department is looking for a man accused of exposing himself to children and trying to lure them into his vehicle.

Police said they've been getting reports about the man since November 2011. They said they didn't alert the public earlier because of efforts underway to catch the suspect, but that the danger now outweighs their investigation.

The suspect is described as a white male, between twenty and thirty years old, driving a red or maroon SUV.

Police say the man has typically approached children during the afternoon and early evening hours.

Police said it's important for parents to have a plan with their children on how to react in situations with strangers.

"It sounds simple, but to take the time to sit down with your children, have a plan and know what to do if a stranger comes," said Fountain Police Sgt. Scott Gilbertsen.

Parents we talked to said with all of the stranger danger stories in the area, their kids know exactly what to do.

"It's pretty simple, I tell them be as loud as you can, scream, and run as fast as you can," said mom Darcy Demattos. "You need to draw attention to yourself"

The Fountain Police Department would like anyone with information to call Gilbertsen at 719-382-6936, or Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP (7867) and as always, you can remain anonymous.

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