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Fountain store owner accused of selling Spice

Fountain store owner accused of selling Spice

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - Fountain police arrested the owner of a Kwik Way store accused of distributing synthetic cannabinoids, more commonly known as spice. 

Police said they arrested Kong Hoon Kim Saturday. Investigators said they recovered 96 grams of spice from the store which is in the 900 block of Lake Avenue. 

"It is scary because I know kids get sick on it and it is against the law to sell it," said business owner Gabriele Walker.

Walker's liquor store is two stores down from Kwik Way. She's owned the store for 17 years. She said the news of spice in the neighborhood was upsetting.

"That $5 isn't going to make him rich but it puts the kids in the hospital and that's the sad part," said Walker.

Nicholas Colbert, 19, died in 2011 after using Spice that he bought from Kwik Stop in the 1100 block of South Chelton Road. His mother filed a lawsuit against the convenience store that sold it to him.

Walker was familiar with Colbert's story and said the idea of a person continuing to sell spice is "terrible."

Representative Lois Landgraf, (R) Fountain, has proposed a bill to fight spice. The bill would increase penalties for people caught selling spice.

"The hope is that stores that are selling this will stop because it won't be lucrative for them to do so," said Landgraf.

 The bill would also give police access to devices that could quickly identify spice.

"We have had kids die. We have had people having strokes, seizures, all kinds of problems," said Landgraf. "(If) we have a problem that is that large in our state, I think we need to take care of it."

Landgraf expects bipartisan support for the bill. She said it's a critical step to get spice off the street.

The judiciary committee will review the bill on Feb. 6.

Kim was booked at the El Paso County Jail. He is out on bond.

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