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Fox Run Park arson: Sheriff's Office needs your help

Fox Run Park arson: Sheriff's Office needs your help

Fox Run Arson Folo

El Paso County, Colo. - There doesn't appear to be any similarity between the fires in Fox Run Regional Park and the one in Black Forest, but the El Paso County Sheriff's Office says that could always change.

Investigators are blaming an arsonist for starting two fires in the park on Tuesday. Thanks to a teen's 911 call, firefighters were able to find the fires in minutes and stop them from spreading. KRDO News Channel 13 went back to the park on Thursday.

Fox Run Park is a popular place to be on any warm, sunny day. So when people hear an arsonist set two fires, surprised is the word of the day.

 "I've lived in this park for about seven or eight years and I've never seen anybody attempt anything like that and this is such a good, good area to live in," said Fox Run Park visitor Troy Brennan.

An alert teen-Jared Rising- spotted the fire and didn't hesitate to call 911.

"Because of the proximity, because of the timing we feel that these were acts of arson," said Lt. Jeff Kramer of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

The thought of intentionally starting two fires has people outraged.

"We moved away for a few years and then we just moved back. And so it's just very frustrating knowing of the Waldo Canyon Fire and then Black Forest happens. And now you hear about two more little ones that luckily got put out," said park visitor Bruce Barrell.

"We definitely want to catch this person and set an example and make sure nobody does this again," Brennan.

People who use the park tell KRDO they find it very difficult for sheriffs to be able to find the person who's responsible for those fires because there's just so many people that use it.

The most important lesson though: keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.

 "If somebody is doing something like that, an example absolutely needs to be set so that no one even thinks about doing something like this," said Brennan.

There are no suspects yet, but if you have any information, it could help investigators catch the arsonist. So be sure to call the sheriff's office at 719 - 390 - 5555.

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