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Friend confirms identity of Monument train accident victim

Luke Hiser, 17, hurt in weekend mishap

Teen May Have Lost Legs In Train Accident

MOMUMENT, Colo. - A friend confirmed on Tuesday that Luke Hiser, 17, is the Monument teen who was hit by a train early Saturday morning.  Joshua Tucker identified Hiser as the victim and said Hiser is a senior and captain of the golf team at Palmer Ridge High School.

A resident who asked to remain anonymous told KRDO NewsChannel 13 on Monday that Hiser lost both his legs in the accident.  Hiser was listed in fair condition at Penrose Hospital.

The resident said he spoke with a friend at the police department and with someone who attended a nearby teen dance with the victim.  The resident said the teen became drunk and wandered away from a nearby barn where a dance was being held.

Tucker said that Hiser "had a .2-something (blood-alcohol level), but I believe it wasn't from the barn dance, as there (were) no drinks there."

Several residents said the dance was an "end of the summer" event held at Sibell's Barn, a building owned by former mayor Si Sibell, and that the proceeds would benefit victims of the Aurora theater shooting.  The barn is where dances and other events are occasionally held, residents said.

One resident described the dances are "lightly chaperoned," but added, "There are people at the door collecting the cover charge and if they suspect anything, they are asked to leave.  There are also a few people walking amongst the crowd to keep an eye out for unacceptable behavior.  Monument police (were) also made aware of the night's event."

The barn is near the railroad tracks and there appears to be no fence or other barrier between them. 

The teen was found about a block south of the barn, near a park area.

Some residents who spoke with KRDO NewsChannel 13 on Monday said they didn't know about the accident and were surprised to learn of it.  They also said  there had been no trouble at previous barn events.

"I just hope that kid doesn't lose hope because life can go on," said resident Myra Bradburn. 

The case remains under investigation by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

Tucker said a benefit barbecue will be held from 1:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. Sunday at Dirty Woman Park in Monument to help Hiser pay his medical expenses.

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