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Friends, family remember Fort Carson soldier and his wife

Friends, family remember Fort Carson soldier and his wife

FORT CARSON, Colo. - Friends and family packed a Fort Carson chapel on Wednesday to honor a Fort Carson soldier and his wife.

37-year-old Dave Dunlap and 35-year-old Whitney Dunlap were shot at noon Jan. 14 when they walked in on a burglar in their home.

Friends who spoke at the memorial service described Dunlap as a decorated soldier and an excellent teacher.

Master Sgt. Molly McCray said Dunlap took the time to know each of the soldiers he taught personally - he was always asking about their families and their lives. 

Sgt. 1st Class Bryant Macfarlane described Dunlap as a motorcycle enthusiast and a punk-rock lover who marched to the beat of his own drum. Dunlap was Macfarlane's best friend.

"When I look around, I keep expecting to see his goofy face around the corner," said Macfarlane. "I feel like there is a hole inside me, a part of me that should be here that isn't."

One major told the crowd at the memorial that in the military, you know you could loose a friend in combat - but never on a quiet  Monday afternoon.

Several people who spoke at the memorial said they couldn't make sense of the couple's death.

The couple moved to Colorado Springs in November and found out they were expecting their first child shortly after. McCray said Dunlap would talk to her all the time about his excitement about becoming a new dad.

Both McCray and Macfarlane said Dunlap adored his wife.

"He would always talk about Whitney and the things they were doing and their dogs. He absolutely loved Whitney, she was strong, supportive," said McCray.

Macfarlane said Dunlap expected to spend the rest of his life alone. Macfarlane said Dunlap's life changed and his eye lit up the day he met Whitney. Macfarlane was excited to watch the couple share their love with their new child.

His friend who spoke at the memorial said Dunlap was passionate about working out. Dunlap would always make time for a workout, even after an exhausting day at work. The two of them had plans to start a CrossFit gym in Colorado Springs.

Macfarlane said Dunlap left a legacy at Fort Carson. He developed training materials that would be used to teach soldiers for generations to come. Macfarlane said soldiers have this man to credit for their safe return home.

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