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Frigid temperatures hit southern Colorado

Frigid Temperatures in Southern Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - As many people in Colorado Springs are painfully aware Southern Colorado is getting hit with frigid temperatures.

"Are you cold?" asked photojournalist Joe Yates.

"Yes, even with five layers," replied a man working outside in downtown Colorado Springs.

Many people had high spirits- despite low temperatures.

"How does this morning compare to others?" asked reporter Bonnie Silkman.

 "This is the worst one so far, definitely," replied a man shoveling snow for his business on Wednesday.

Crews with KRDO NewsChannel 13 saw many cars on the side of the road Wednesday morning. One accident sent a man to the hospital.

But the cold temperatures aren't just making things dangerous on the road.

KRDO spoke with a doctor, who said people should try to avoid going outside at all.

The doctor said even a few minutes in low temperatures could expose you to frostbite or even hypothermia, especially with exposed skin.

Although many fought through the cold on Wednesday, some businesses had to close shop.

"Today with the freezing temperatures it looks like we're not going to get open today," said Richard Fernandez, manager of Water Works Car Wash in Colorado Springs.

"This really affects our business as far as employee wise. We haven't been open since last Thursday we open Monday. For employees its bad news a lot of them haven't worked since."

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