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Ft. Carson soldiers arrive home for Thanksgiving

Fifty Ft. Carson soldiers arrived home after a 9-month deployment to Afghanistan.

Members of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division were welcomed by family and friends on Wednesday night at the Special Events Center.

"I feel thankful to spend time with my family for once.  It's been so long," said Jeremiah Jurgens.

A group of 150 soldiers arrived home on Tuesday and another 500 will arrive home next week.  These soldiers are among 5,000 soldiers gradually arriving at the Mountain Post.

The brigade worked with Afghan security forces to help build dozens of infrastructure projects, including schools, roads and medical clinics.

"I'm thankful to be home with my wife and daughter.  She was 2 months when I left, now she is 11 months old, " said Sgt. Jeffrey Entley.

Entley and his wife Sarah like so many others returning said they plan to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow with a large feast.

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