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Fundraising for Black Forest shootings victims

Fundraising for Black Forest shootings victims

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - The Black Forest community is collecting donations for the families of the victims killed in last weekend's shootings (11/9/13).

Investigators believe Kenneth Lankford shot and killed Terry Lankford and Carol Fowler. He will be in court for his first appearance next Thursday (11/21/13).

Crosses for Losses Director Amanda Davis has been collecting donations for victims of the Black Forest fire for months, but her desire to help her neighbors goes back further.

"Helping people, that goes way back... Why wouldn't you; if your neighbor came over and said, can I borrow a cup of sugar would you say no?" said Davis.

Like most people in black forest, news of last week's shooting came as a shock to Amanda.

"Kind of over the top, we heard it, we were out doing some aerial photographs and heard the craziness going on and once we figured out what was really going on we did shut our doors," said Davis.

But even while stuck in her home, Amanda still couldn't help but look out for her neighbors.

"We called up the majority of our residents and just gave them the heads up to be aware," said Davis.

So it's no surprise to many in Black Forest that at crosses for losses, Amanda is now taking donations to help the families of Terry Lankford and Carol Fowler.

"We plan on taking the donations for Terry and donating them down at the vets office."

In hopes that, if nothing else, it reminds the families of the victims that their neighbors are here to help.

"Lay their loved ones to rest, it won't do anything else, it won't fix anything, it won't make anything any better but just maybe give them a little more stability while they navigate these waters."

If you'd like to donate to the families of Terry Lankford and Carol Fowler, you can call Crosses for Losses at 719-495-7739.

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