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Funds pouring in for Waldo Canyon fire victims

How Waldo Canyon fire victims can receive funds

Funds have been pouring in for the Waldo Canyon fire victims.
Nonprofit organizations, churches and schools are helping raise money for families and individuals in need, but many evacuees don't know how to get funding or where to start.

Pikes Peak United Way, in collaboration with the El Pomar Foundation, has raised more than a half million dollars for fire victims.

"There has been a tremendous outpouring we've seen not only here but from across the country," said JD Dallager, CEO Pikes Peak United Way.

The money raised will be given to organizations who are providing health and human services to evacuees.

There will be an application process for organizations to apply in order to receive funding.

Dallager said United Way and El Pomar will be setting up an advisory board of five to seven individuals who are very knowledgeable on the needs of the community, are very well respected and do not have a conflict of interest.

"The standards we will use for both stewardship of money and accountability in reaching folks most impacted will be at the very very highest level," said Dallager.

There will be an online version of the application, as well as a printed copy, said Dallager.

He said a public announcement on the application process will be made later this week.

First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs has also raised money for fire victims, collecting  $146,000 in two weeks.

"We've put together an amazing infrastructure to help people and to help us process that. We're not letting out any specifics because its going to be a family by family dynamic," said Senior Pastor Graham Baird.

Baird said every penny that gets sent to the church in the name of fire relief will go directly to the families in need and that the church is going to fill the gaps where other agencies are unable to do.

"What often happens during these tragic times is that people find agencies just a flash in the pan. This church doesn't want to be a flash in the pan. We want to be involved for months and foreseeable years to come," said Baird.

Every person who was affected by the fire will get help from the church, said Baird.

"Not just members of this church, not just members of the Christ following community, but anybody in the community in need, we want to connect with," he said.

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