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Furloughed Ft. Carson workers frustrated by shutdown

Furloughed workers protest government shutdown at Ft Carson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Dozens of furlough protestors shared their frustration with the federal shutdown at Fort Carson Thursday. They took over the corner on the main road into the mountain post holding signs and expressing their desire to return to work.

There are more than 800 American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) at Fort Carson.

A spokeswoman for the union said they speak for the 2,500 civilian workers on the mountain post.

The furloughed employees range from teachers to hospital workers.

"It breaks my heart to not be here and take care of what I'm here to take care of," said Julie Van Horn with AFGE.

One protestor with close to 30 years on the job is worried about the ability to retire if the furlough drags on for awhile.

"How can I retire when they keep taking money from me?" wonders Alberta Thomas, a medical transcriber at Evans Army Hospital.

Others are simply frustrated by the shutdown and worried about what's being lost besides their pay.

"I'm here because I love to teach military children and that's what I want to do, so my message to Washington is get back to work so I can get back to my job and get paid," said Tracy School.

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