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Future City Chief of Staff will be paid for more than job

Four city jobs: Steve Cox, second time Chief of Staff, gets paid severance, retirement and paychecks

Future City Chief of Staff will be paid for more than job

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Steve Cox will be the new Chief of Staff for the City of Colorado Springs. He held the position in 2011, but Mayor Steve Bach asked him to step down.

The Mayor chose Cox to take the job again after Laura Neumann, the current Chief of Staff, resigned.

The city will be paying him for more than just that position. This will be the fourth job Steve Cox will have with the city. He was the former fire chief, the chief of staff and then the newly created chief of the Economic Vitality Office. Between all the positions, he's getting severance, retirement payouts and paychecks.

"I'm refreshed. I'm excited about it. I think there's some great things potentially that could happen for the community," said Cox.

Cox has spent more than 30 years working for the City of Colorado Springs. He retired in 2012. Now, he's been tapped for a second round as the chief of staff.

"Once I got pulled away from the fire department and started to become more involved in the management of the city, that became my new paradigm," he said.

Target 13 learned through public records, Cox received a severance payout total of $92,647 including his salary for six months of consultant work. The city gave him $42,275 for vacation earned and $57,626 for sick leave that could be applied to a health savings plan. Cox's second time as chief of staff will pay him a salary of $186,945. 

"I'm excited. When the Mayor called and told me Laura was leaving and asked me to come back, I just looked at it as a great opportunity," said Cox.

Mayor Bach has taken advantage of his authority to hire and fire city employees and asked Cox to step down as chief of staff before, but that doesn't bother him.

"There's not only been change under Mayor Bach. There's always been change. Only in the past, the change has been brought by the different city managers we've had," he said.

Before the "strong mayor" form of government, it wasn't up to the mayor to hire and fire employees. It was the city manager's job. 

Cox starts as chief of staff March 2.

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