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Future of retirement benefits for El Paso County employees

Retirement benefits for El Paso County workers

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - The El Paso County Retirement Board says there's confusion about the future of county employee retirement plans.

The board's chairman, Nicola Sapp, says she'll talk on Monday (4/121/14) about changing the percentage for retirement benefits.

Right now 70-percent of the retirement benefits will be covered in 30 years. It was 90 percent in 2008.  The board wants to bring that number back up and make sure county employees understand they will not lose their benefits.

"Any El Paso County employee, their earned benefit today will not be at risk. They will be able to maintain any benefit that they have earned today. The changes that we are looking at are potential changes moving forward in future years," said Sapp.

This is about a four-month process. Board members will ask for employee input before making a final decision in July or August.


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