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Galileo Sub Says He Never Hurt Student

D11 substitute has been fired after an investigation

Substitute: I didn't hurt the student

A student accused his substitute teacher of hurting him in November at Galileo Middle School. School District 11 has fired that substitute. The man called KRDO NewsChannel13, and said the investigation was anything but fair.

The supposed incident happened in a Galileo science lab. A teacher was conducting class, and the substitute was there as an assistant. The substitute wants to remain anonymous, but he never physically engaged with the student.

"All I did was lean over the desk looking at him and said ‘do not disrespect a substitute,' and ‘would you like to go to the office,' at that point he reacted, I would say, upset with me and he got up and left the room," said the man.

Earlier this year the student's aunt spoke to KRDO NewsChannel13 and said the incident was violent, and that the substitute body slammed her nephew.

According to some documents obtained by KRDO NewsChannel13, D-11 determined there was no body slamming, but that the sub physically escorted the child out. D-11 officials told the substitute several people witnessed the incident, but the man said those witnesses are wrong.

"The only thing that could be construed as aggressive might have been the tone of my voice. The student was causing me to have an emotional response toward him, basically anger toward him," said the substitute.

The man is upset he was fired, but never got to have any sort of hearing with the district. He said investigators only asked him to submit written statement of the events, and that he hasn't been able to discuss the issue with anyone.

This is the second school where a complaint was filed against this substitute, but the man said both situations were a misunderstanding.

The substitute said he will continue to fight to clear his name, and hopes that d-11 will agree to investigate further.

The student's aunt said the family was never contacted by D-11 after the investigation.

They found out the sub was fired through a teacher at Galileo.

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