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Garbage truck tipped over on residential street; neighbors not surprised

Garbage truck tips over; police say driver was speeding

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A garbage truck tipped over in a Colorado Springs neighborhood on Monday (4/14/14). Police said the driver of the Springs Waste Systems truck was speeding.

It landed on its side onto an electrical box, but it didn't cause a power outage.

Neighbors said they're not surprised the truck was speeding and rolled-over. It happened on the northeast side of town in the 4500 block of Crow Creek Drive.

Firefighters said they had to put down dirt to stop the smelly spill from spreading.

"I'm not surprised. These trash trucks drive really fast on a daily basis," said Danielle, a neighbor.

She's a mom to three and one on the way. Many of her neighbors on the street have kids, too.

"Yeah, it's pretty scary because they can't stop quickly when kids run down. There's kids everywhere here. There's lot of them all out playing and stuff," she said.

Springs Waste admitted the driver was going too fast.

"Oh yeah, you can tell he was driving a little bit too fast," said a supervisor.

The supervisor also said the truck tipped over possibly because he's a new driver.

However, even new drivers go through lots of training, he said.

The truck driver went to the hospital. Springs waste said he should be okay.

Neighbors say they'd like speed bumps in their neighborhood to slow down drivers. It's something they want to bring up to the homeowners association.

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