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Girl Breaks Toe, Blames Teacher

Girl breaks toe, blames teacher

A seventh grade student's foot is broken, and she said her math teacher slammed it in a door. The girl's mother is upset because she said no one at the school called to tell her about the injury.

"My daughter had called me crying and saying that her teacher had slammed her foot on the door," said Kay Gallegos.

Gallegos said she was terrified when she got the call. Her daughter and the teacher apparently got into an argument, and that is when the teacher slammed the door.

It is not clear if the girl put her foot out to stop the door, or if it was already there when the door closed.

Either way, Gallegos said school officials never called her, and that she had to go to them and ask for more information.

"The school should have called, and told me,' your daughter is in here. Something happened.' They never did," said Gallegos.

The student didn't want to make any sort of public statements or give her name. Her toe is broken and she is using crutches to get around.

She was suspended after the argument, and returned to school today. Gallegos isn't disputing the suspension

"Like I told the principal, if she did wrong, then I am ok with you suspending her, but what goes for her should go for the teacher," said the mother.

School District Two officials said the incident is still under investigation. The teacher involved is a substitute, and he is no longer working at Carmel Middle School.


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