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Girl collects supplies for Black Forest fire victims on her birthday

A five-year-old used her birthday to give back to the people affected by the Black Forest fire.

Alice Long, 5, didn't have a typical birthday.

Instead of receiving dolls or stuffed animals for her special occasion, she gave food, water, and other items.

Her mom, Melissa Long, was emotional when her daughter wanted to give back.

"I was in tears when she said she wanted to do this," she said.

Alice asked her friends to give her supplies instead of presents and getting other kids involved touched other parents.

"I don't think all of the kids understand, but the parents were like are you sure she doesn't want presents," the mother said.

She donated the items to Crosses for Losses.

Amanda Davis is the director of the organization; she said Alice is the youngest to donate to Crosses for Losses.

"It's absolutely wonderful to see that parents are getting children back into the spirit and understanding of giving and thinking of other people," she said.

Alice didn't leave empty handed. She received a sterling silver necklace with an angel hanging from the center.

Melissa Long said her family is going to continue doing community projects to help the Black Forest.

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