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Good Samaritan talks about flash flood rescue

Good Samaritan talks about flash flood rescue

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. - Mike Zapp brought his camcorder to record the day on Lake Pueblo…he didn't realize that his best video would be on the drive home.

A raging flash flood down States Avenue stopped Zapp and his wife on Platteville Blvd.

"We made a decision we're not going through it," Mike said.

"Turn around, don't drown.  I couldn't remember that…I thought it was if it's not a boat, it won't float," Christin Zapp said.

Mike pulled out his camera as a tan Ford F-250 barreled through the water.

"I wanted to see if it could come through, in case it didn't, I wanted it on video," Mike said.

The truck ends up making it through just fine…but as soon as it was clear, a little 4-door Pontiac tried to do the same thing.

"We couldn't believe our eyes," Christin said.

Neither could a passenger in the truck that had just made it through.

"We knew he wouldn't make it so we started flashing the lights at him, trying to tell him, don't attempt it," Kevin said.

Kevin though kept watching and saw the car stall out and begin to get carried away by the roaring water.

"I said back it up, back it up, it's time to get him out of there," Kevin said.

Kevin and his family backed in and bailed the driver out…eventually towing the car to safety.

"If I was in the situation I sure would hope somebody else would stop and help out as well," Kevin said.

Kevin didn't want us to share his last name or even show his face during our interview.

"I didn't do it for recognition.  We did it because there was a gentleman in danger," Kevin said.

Zapp was right when he pressed record.  His video does show the worst…but it also ended up capturing the best in humanity.

"There are certain times where the community has got to step in, where Good Samaritans are the ones that are going to actually make the difference," Kevin said.

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