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Goose Gossage joins fight to save Wasson High School

Goose Gossage fights to save Wasson High School

Rich "Goose" Gossage is joining the fight to save Wasson High School in Colorado Springs.

Gossage is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and a Wasson alumus. He graduated in 1970.

On Tuesday, Gossage spoke to students and staff about why District 11 should keep Wasson open.

"This has nothing to do with me wanting to save my old high school, but everything to do with students and families that will be impacted," said Gossage.

The district said it would save $1.2 million by closing Wasson and using the campus for alternative programs. It's part of the School Optimization Project which could be approved by the school board in a special meeting Feb. 6.

Gossage believes the administration at Wasson has been muzzled by the district and that the district hasn't been transparent with its finances.

"I am calling for an investigation into the spending proposed by D-11 administration and authorized by the board during the past five years," said Gossage.

Gossage questioned why the board signed off on a five-year innovation plan, only to cut it short by two years. He said it leaves Wasson's principal, Darryl Bonds, high and dry.

"With Wasson's graduation rate increasing by 14 percent this past year and the drop-out rate falling to 2.7 percent, well below the state average, would it not make sense to allow Dr. Bonds to finish the plan?" said Gossage.

Gossage, along with PTA President Fred Crowford, is asking parents to call the district and demand answers.

The district said it has been very open during the process and has provided documentation on its website http://www.d11.org/utilization

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