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GOP challenger in Colorado CD 5 to give away gun at campaign event

The right to keep and bear arms won't be an issue in Colorado's District 5 GOP primary between Congressman Doug Lamborn and his challenger, retired Air Force General Bentley Rayburn. But Rayburn's decision to giveaway an AR-15 assault rifle to a supporter at a campaign event in June is sparking controversy.

"Those citizens who deserve to be able to own their own weapons," Rayburn said, "for their own protection or for hunting or for any other valid reason ought to be able to have the right to do so."

Christy Le Lait ran former State Senator John Morse's recall campaign last September.

A gun control advocate, Le Lait says gifting an assault weapon sends the wrong message.

"Maybe bringing guns into our community is not the answer," Le Lait said. Maybe I should find donors who want to support me because they support my candidacy, not because I'm giving away a gun.

Congressman Lamborn supports the 2nd amendment and the NRA is backing the incumbent.

"He [Rayburn]  might be giving away a gun at a raffle, but that doesn't cancel out my endorsement from the NRA," the congressman said.

Rayburn argues law abiding citizens should not be punished as we all seek to curb the number of mass shootings in this country.

"The folks who want to grab our guns," Rayburn said, "are focused on taking away guns from private citizens who are not the problem."

The Rayburn campaign will giveaway the AR-15 on June 7. The primary election between Congressman Lamborn and General Rayburn is set for June 24.

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