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Governor signs civil unions bill

Governor signs civil unions bill

PUEBLO, Colo. - Same-sex couples will soon be able to enter into a legal union. Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill Thursday legalizing civil unions.

Wendy Smith says she no longer has to worry about what would happen to her or her two sons if she got sick.

"It solidifies us as a family, I feel like. And if something happens to me I know that they're taken care of and that I'm taken care of if I can't take care of myself," Smith said.

Wendy and her partner, Tabby Isringhausen, met almost a year ago and felt an instant connection. Just last week, after watching the civil unions bill pass in the Colorado House of Representatives, Isringhausen proposed to Smith.

"When we actually met, I was having a pretty rough time and without even knowing it she picked me up off my feet and put a smile back on my face. And she's so supportive in everything that I do," Isringhausen said.

The civil unions bill would allow them to make medical decisions for one another and qualify for each other's health insurance. The couple says it makes its relationship legal.

"I think that there's a value to marriage, and making that life commitment to someone that you love that you want to spend your life with," Smith said.

The couple plans to enter into a civil union next year. The law takes effect May 1.

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