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Green Mountain Falls bans sale of recreational marijuana

Colorado Springs to decide on ban within a week

Green Mountain Falls bans sale of recreational marijuana

GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS, Colo. - The town of Green Mountain Falls decided on Tuesday to ban recreational marijuana sales in its township.  Green Mountain Falls is one of dozens of municipalities in Colorado to opt out of part of the state's new marijuana law.

Amendment 64 allows anyone over the age of 21 to possess and grow marijuana; however, local municipalities can ban recreational marijuana stores.

The Green Mountain Falls Board of Trustees voted on the indefinite ban at a town hall meeting.  The ordinance is permanent but it can be brought up for discussion at any time.

Trustee Margaret Peterson equated the decision to ripping off a band-aid.  

"Are we going to rip it off or are we going to take it off slowly?" Peterson asked.

Peterson said there is still not enough guidelines for recreational marijuana shops and Green Mountain Falls would like to see how it works for other municipalities before they reconsider the ban.

Unincorporated El Paso, Teller and Pueblo Counties have already decided to ban recreational marijauna stores either temporarily or entirely.  Colorado Springs is also considering a ban.  

City Council is expected to make a decision by July 23.  

The 64 Store, a brand new medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs, hopes the decision will allow them to also sell marijuana for recreational use.

"The majority of Colorado voted for it," said Mark Sveinnson with The 64 Store.  "They should respect those wishes of the people and the voters."

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