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Green Mountain Falls pitches in to save restaurant patio

Flood ruined patio minutes after customers eating dinner

Town pitches in to save restaurant patio

Green Mountain Falls, Colo. - Green Mountain Falls was one of the hard hit areas from Thursday night's flooding. One restaurant got the brunt of the flooding on the patio while people were having dinner.

The owner has already started cleaning up ‘The Pantry Gardens', but he'll have to keep the patio shutdown for the rest of the summer. Luckily, Green Mountain Falls is a generous place.

A mucky river doesn't belong at the restaurant. Tables and chairs belong on the pantry gardens' patio. Just minutes before the flood, customers were eating dinner.

"We were told there was a wall of water coming. So were kind of going okay, when? That gate was open and all of a sudden it came through," said owner Ben Stephens.

Catamount Creek runs through the back of the restaurant, but that's not what flooded. It was Fountain Creek that caused all the trouble.

"It was squirting through the trellis, worked like a hose, like hoses," said Stephens with a laugh.

Stephens thought he might lose the restaurant after the flood, but his beloved town proved him wrong. Neighbors offering money and time to get the beautiful backyard back to the way it was.

"It's a fun restaurant. He's done some nice things for the community. He's contributed and helped out with the trails committees. And it's a centerpiece of the community," said neighbor Jay Kita.

It's a gesture that outruns the river that ran through there.

"It just means the world of course. It means that I'm doing a good job and people like it here. It's just amazing," said Stephens.

A wedding planned at Pantry Gardens on September 15 will have to relocate. Stephens says they can't cleanup in time for the bride.

Pantry Gardens' dining room inside is open for normal business hours. The patio will re-open next summer. The restaurant's been around for 60 years.

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