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Green Mountain Falls re-elects mayor, also votes on trustees

Green Mountain Falls re-elects mayor, also votes on trustees

GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS, Colo. - Voters in Green Mountain Falls decided to re-elect their mayor and also weighed in on who they want to represent them on the board of trustees at the polls Tuesday.

Voters re-elected Mayor Lorrie Worthey. Voters also chose David Cook, Chris Quinn and Michael Butts for their board of trustees.

Voters said it's been a political arena plagued with mudslinging, resignations and controversy. People who headed to the polls in Green Mountains Falls said Tuesday they wonder if the election results will bring all that to an end.

An election judge said a lot of people came to cast their vote in the municipal election compared to the election two years ago. She said controversy and publicity surrounding the town's leaders pushed more people to the polls.

"It's been a lot of mudslinging," said election judge Kay Bachus.

"It's been chaotic and dramatic," said another voter.

"It's embarrassing for the town. It's incredibly unprofessional and again, disappointed to see this from people who are adults and supposed to represent the town," said voter Brandy Moralez.

One voter described it as a conflict of personalities. Another voter said it's a conflict of interest. Regardless, it's turned meetings into shouting matches between the mayor and the board of trustees.

"It's been a real learning curve discovering what it means to be a mayor and I think that has had a lot to do with the conflict. I don't know if the mayor has seen herself as part of the board," said one voter.

Bachus said there are high hopes for the election's results.

"Hopefully everyone will settle down and go back to taking care of business, not fighting in front of cameras," said Bachus.

Voter John Weber doesn't know if things will settle down and said that's not a bad thing.

"There are differences of opinion and that's the way we have a government that is run by the people so I think there will always be differences of opinion. I think that is a healthy thing," said Weber.

One voter said at the end of the day, she just wants what's best for the town.

"We all agree to live harmoniously in our little town," said the voter.

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