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Wear Red Friday: Sgt Papa

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - There's an unsung hero who helps make sure that the President's trip and other dignitaries trips to Southern Colorado go off without a hitch.   Staff Sgt. Korey Papa is the non-commissioned officer in charge of field management at Peterson Air Force Base.

He told me, "It's the best feeling you can have.  It's the number one person in the United States who you are supporting and making sure his trip runs flawlessly."  Sgt Papa is the middle person between Peterson Air Force Base and the Colorado Springs Airport.

Another job that Sgt. Papa does is a volunteer one.  He is among that unseen army who helps gather coats for needy kids for Christmas.  Sgt. Papa told me, "I think it's a very important mission here for us to give back to the community. There is a lot of support from Colorado Springs to us, so we like to show our appreciation and show that we are taking care of folks as well."

Sgt. Papa's boss, Tech Sgt Kevin Weaver had high praise for him, "He's not necessarily form the community but he still gives to his local community.  He's a dedicated volunteer to all the things he does here."

Staff Sgt. Papa's thirst for volunteerism started as a teen.  At age 13, he was already volunteering at his local YMCA in Ohio. 

If you've got someone you'd like to nominate for our Wear Red Friday Hero, go to KRDO.com and our Wear Red Friday Hero section.  We've got a special form for you to fill out. 

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