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Grey Thursday: the new Black Friday shopping

Thousands shop early on Thanksgiving

Grey Thursday: shopping on Thanksgiving

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Despite the protests and vows to not shop on Thanksgiving, thousands shopped to find the best deals.

The first stores opened at five and even more will open at midnight. We found plenty of people ditching the Thanksgiving table to grab Black Friday sales a few hours early.

"I got it for $400 normally $700," said Rick Rodiguez holding a new 50" Sony TV.

Best Buy opened earlier than ever for Black Friday specials. It wasn't the crazy crowds you might expect for the holiday's biggest shopping spree, call it ‘Grey Thursday'.

"It was just kind of not really knowing what to expect with the lines and that kind of thing - just getting in, having it right up front, grabbing it and going," said Rodriguez.

Toys 'R Us was a hot spot on Thanksgiving night. It opened at 6 p.m. The line at the Citadel location stretched expectations.

"I got a PS3 for my husband, an XBOX 3690 for my nephew, a Kindle Fire for me, and then the Disney Infinity for my son," said a Toys ‘R Us customer.

Inside Walmart, the line to buy electronics was a headache like any other Black Friday.

"I don't want to stand in line for four hours trying to get a TV," said a Walmart shopper.

Still, shopping on Thanksgiving may be better than the middle of the night shopping tradition.

"It's nice not having to think about getting up at 3 a.m." said Rodriguez.

Others find the earlier open times a little frustrating.

"We were here last night about 8 and that was nice because I got to put the kids to bed and be with them," said a Toys ‘R Us shopper.

"I know we're on a tight budget and want to try to save some money, but Thanksgiving should be a time at home," said shopper Lori Elder.

But that didn't turn her away from getting great deals.

"I'm guilty, but at least we have our family. We did family shopping," said Elder.

Walmart has Black Friday sales actually on Black Friday starting at 8 a.m. and those deals go through Sunday.

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