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Growing graffiti problem in Pueblo

Pueblo Graffiti

Pueblo police call it disgusting. Just as fast as it's taken down, it goes back up again:graffiti. 

Pueblo police said they are seeing it happen more in the south and east part of town and alongside the River Trail.

"If you want to tag something, tag your own stuff," said Robert Cannon, Community Service director.

It's a message the rebellious teens of Pueblo aren't getting.

"Kids out all day long, they tend to write on everything they come across." said Cannon.

He said its worse in the summer when there is no school.

But Judge Bill Martinez doesn't take summers off. He works to punish offenders year-round.

"All the juveniles get put on graffiti removal," said Martinez.

Martinez helps oversee the graffiti removal, which started back in 2005.

"I think it works great, but we can't keep up with the graffiti," said Martinez.

Last year, there were 8,700 graffiti cases reported. This year, there have already been 5,000 cases.

"If they changed something up today, it would be back within two days," said Sgt. Eric Gonzales, with the Pueblo Police Department.

Its costly.  The crew is out five days a week. On most days, the cleanup cost is $150  a day, but that number has even reached $600.

"It would be to everyone's benefit if they (the vandals) found something constructive to do," said Cannon.

There is a graffiti hotline to call if someone sees graffiti and wants to report it: 719-719--553-2501.

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