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Gun measure could prevent history lesson

Gun measure could prevent history lesson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A gun measure adding more background checks could affect a local non-profit organization.

The Appleseed Project teaches the history and heritage of the Revolutionary War and rifle marksmanship.

"If someone wants to learn about firearms, the best way is by shooting," said state coordinator, Jim Heath.

Shooting could soon be limited for students at Appleseed if a gun measure adding background checks is passed in legislation. Heath said the organization would no longer be able to transfer rifles without a background check.

"We couldn't loan any rifles to shoot and what we do is heavy on equipment. If a student is not allowed to have guns transferred to them, it is going to cut down our numbers," said Heath.

Heath said the shooting portion of his workshops focuses on gun safety.

"To understand the workings of a rifle and how to be safe, that is our big thing," he said.

The Appleseed Project instructs around 400 students a year.

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