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Gun sales among misconceptions on government shutdown

Gun sales not impacted by government shutdown

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - There's some confusion in southern Colorado about what will and will not be impacted by the looming government shutdown.

"The situation itself, with what you need to fund the government, is complicated," said Eric Elder. "And I don't understand how it all works and I'd be willing to bet most people don't."

"I've got friends right now that are on social security and they're worried about whether they're going to get their checks," said Lisa Koselak.

There are misconceptions and bad information. For one, that the shutdown will stop people from buying new guns.

"From the calls I've had recently, there's a number of people who think the background check system will be shut down," said Paul Paradis, owner of Paradise Sales Firearms.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation tells KRDO that is not the case.

"CBI's instacheck unit will be operational if there's a government shutdown, so no disruption," said CBI spokesperson Susan Medina.

Also not impacted by a shutdown: postal service, social security, military pensions and unemployment benefits.

On Monday, the Senate followed the House and adopted a bill to pay members of the military in case the government shuts down.

More than anything, people want the gridlock in Washington to be over with.

"It's all so political, it's my side versus your side," said Koselak. "And they all need to grow up and realize there's a problem here and we need to fix it."

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