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Gun seller gets ready to close his doors

Gun seller gets ready to close his doors

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - A Fountain gun seller prepared to close his business's front door for good Friday in light of Colorado's new gun laws.

Fire arms sells make up a majority of sales at Thomas Gautreaux's Great American Pawn in Fountain.

The new law limiting magazine sizes rolls out July 1. Gautreaux's biggest sellers were rifles were magazines with more than 15 rounds. Gautreaux decided to close Great America Pawn before the new measure goes into effect.

Great American Pawn's customers asked Gautreaux to stay open. Gautreaux is apprehensive about firearms fate in Colorado in the future. He said decided to close his door now when he still has a choice.

"I feel that that's not going to be the end of it. They are going to try to do more," said Gautreaux.

If the state legislature passes more gun control measures, Gautreaux said other gun sellers will be forced to follow his lead.

"If (lawmakers) can get away with this then it steam rolls on to greater and greater measures that would put (gun sellers) out of business," said Gautreaux.

 Gautreaux sold a majority of Great American Pawn's inventory. He tried to sell as much of it as he could as soon as he made the decision to close his shop.

"I sold what I could and then I'll just move on. You know, what I have left is what I have left," said Gautreaux.

Governor John Hickenlooper signed two other bills in addition to magazine limits. One bill requires universal background checks. The other bill charges gun buyers $10 for background checks.

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