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Gun shop owners fuming about new legislation

Gun shop owners fuming over legislation

Gun shop owners in Colorado Springs are fuming about the new gun control legislation. Some owners claim the laws will drive them out of business while others are pushing to make deals before the laws go into effect.

Dean Cimino, owner of Cimino Sales LLC, is waiving a $20 dealer transfer fee for his customers.

"If they order something and have it brought in between now and the time the laws are signed in, it has to be 15-round or higher, I'll waive the $20 fee. Some things are more important than money and we need to stand with each other," said Cimino.

Cimino said while his business may be affected as far as what he can sell, "I'm not going to run. This is my home," he said.

Other businesses in the gun industry don't have the same luxury.

"It's going to put me out of business," said Thomas Gautreaux, owner of Great American Pawn.

Gautreaux said most of his business is pawning and selling weapons with 15-round magazines, which could be banned if passed in the state house.  His concern is with changeable magazines.

"So on the 10-round magazine, you take the base plate out and that becomes a 30-round magazine, and that magazine will now be illegal," said Gautreaux.

He is also concerned with the background check bill which would require him to do the background checks himself and only charge what the state charges.

"I'll spend my whole day doing that, rather than conducting business," said Gautreaux.

He said he fears gun control will only get worse in Colorado so he is closing the pawn shop in the next couple of months.

KRDO Newschannel 13 also spoke to Jeff Lepp, owner of Specialty Sports, who said he will not be opening two additional stores in Colorado because of the gun legislation passed. Lepp said he is also moving his corporate assets out of state. The store location on 4285 E. Fountain Blvd. will remain open.


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