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Gun tests next step in Clements murder investigation

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - Investigators looking into the death of the state's Department of Corrections executive director plan to use ballistics tests to learn more about the gun used by a man killed in a shootout this week in Texas.

Those test results could be back by early next week.

Evan Ebel was driving a car that matches the description of a car seen near the home of Tom Clements around the time he was killed Tuesday night.

"Although Ebel is a suspect and the events in Texas provide a strong lead, there is no confirmation yet" wrote a spokesman for the department on the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Twitter feed Saturday.

"We reiterate, there is no confirmation yet on the link between the Texas case and ours. It is a strong link. Mr. Ebel is a person of interest," said another tweet.

A report from the Associated Press said investigators in Texas made that link Friday. In a request to search Ebel's car reporters found detectives notes that said shell casings from the shootout were similar to those found at Clements home near Monument. The notes indicated that the shell casings appeared to be of the same size and caliber used in the Clements slaying.

El Paso County Sheriff's detectives were sent to north Texas to follow up on the investigation and have returned with some of those shell casings.

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