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Guns in Colorado schools

Guns in Schools

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A bill being heard Tuesday in the state legislature would give local schools the option of allowing employees who have gun permits to carry concealed guns on campus.

It's a topic that's concerning Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey, not only as chief but as a parent.

He's not the only parent watching to see what happens with this bill.

"It's our job to protect our children. It's our schools job to protect our children when we can't be there. It's scary to said have my daughters call me on several occasions and say, Mom there's a shooting down the street, we're on lockdown. I'm scared," said Mary Troublefield.

She tells us she's scared for her kids safety.

"I'm a mom of four kids in schools from high school all the way down to preschool. I'm very passionate in my thoughts that schools should be with armed guards with them," said Troublefield.

Another parent, who is also the chief of police in Colorado Springs, has concerns for his kids.

"I do have some concerns mostly about how we train people that have guns in city buildings. We spend lots of time in the police department just training our police officers on an active shooter situation. Very complicated and difficult," said Carey.

"I do have a child in grade school I think about that often especially since Sandy Hook. My primary thought is, I want my kid to be safe and I want the people around my kids to be good educators. So the question is, can I have a good educator, a good teacher and a good shot around my child? It's a tough call," said Carey.

"I whole heartedly hope this bill passes. We as adults need to have safe places to keep our weapons. Accessible but safe, that's the key here. It's not safe in our schools right now. I just don't feel it's safe," said Troublefield.

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