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Hail storm price tag: Insurance claims in Colorado

Storm Insurance Price Tag

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Mother Nature's latest hit on Colorado is costing more than a hundred million dollars in insurance claims.

That's large price tag for all of the damages the hail and rain left in its path, according the Mountain Insurance Information Association.

A large chunk of that check comes from El Paso County after the unforgettable hail storm that swept through.

Not many in southern Colorado will ever forget the hail storm that rocked their cars and homes at the end of May.

Signs of its damage both big, and small, are still here weeks later.

Kevin Kinney is still waiting for an estimate on how much his fix-up will cost.

"It's going to take him a week or so for them to get out here because they're a little backed up," said Kinny.

The long wait is because over 28,000 auto and homeowners have filed for insurance claims since Mother Nature's latest fight.

All of those claims add up to $109 million in damages.

Reporter Bonnie Silkman asks Kevin, "Does that number surprise you?"

He responds, "Not at all, In fact I would estimate that's what those claims are going to total when it's all said and done."

Kevin is just one of nearly10,000 people in Colorado who filed for property insurance claims after the hail storm. As for car damages, over 18,000 claims were filed. Keep in mind this all happened over just two days, May 20- 22. 

"The most obvious damage is the little plastic visor. They don't last long in this climate or weather. But this whole hood is getting replaced," said Kinney.

While insurance claims continue to build up, much like the hail did in our yards, things are slowly getting back to normal in Colorado Springs.

A spokesperson with State Farm Insurance in Colorado Springs said the company has seen about 60 drivers a day. People coming in to file insurance claims since the hail came through.

About 1,600 people between Colorado Springs and Denver have filed for home insurance claims. 

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