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Halloween home invasion, family wants robbers caught

Nine-year-old girl ran for help

Halloween home invasion, family wants robbers caught

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Halloween home invasion has a family counting their blessings after their brave little girl snuck away to get help. It began around 8:30 p.m. Thursday night in the 6100 block of Breeze Court. That's in Northeast Colorado Springs.

The family says they don't feel safe now, which is why we did not show their faces. However, they're alive because of their nine-year-old daughter's quick thinking.

Breeze Court is quiet the night after Halloween, but that wasn't the case on Hallows Eve.

"My kids thought they were two trick-or-treaters because they came up to the door with Jason masks on," said the mom.

The mom is scared to show her face, saying those two "trick-or-treaters" barged into her home with a gun.

"They came in and my girls were right here. So they pushed my girls to the side. My daughter's hip hit this handle," she said.

Mom says the intruders hit her boyfriend in the head with the gun and yanked on her 11-year-old's hair. Then, they tried putting a bag over her nine-year-old's head.

"She jumped from these steps all the way down to those steps and ran out that back patio to call for help," said mom.

It was a brave move for a little girl.

"I was really scared. So I didn't want to leave because I didn't know what was going to happen to my parents, but I just thought the cops would get here quick enough," said the nine-year-old daughter.

While she was getting help, the parents were lying on the floor covering the kids.

Finally, mom thought of one way to get the intruders out.

"I just gave them all the money that they had and told them, 'Go! Please, just take this. This is all we have. Please, just go!" she said.

This is the first Halloween the family has handed out candy, but after what happened, the mom says they won't be handing out candy ever again.

"It makes me not want to even trick-or-treat or celebrate Halloween anymore because I'm scared. I don't even feel safe in my home anymore," said mom.

Those two men are still out there as of 11/1/13. If you have any information, call Colorado Springs Police at 719-444-7000.

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