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Hanover FD preparing for busy 4th of July weekend

Hanover FD preparing for busy 4th of July weekend

HANOVER, Colo. - Many people will be celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks and barbeque, except for the Hanover Fire Department.

The town is in unincorporated El Paso County and you are allowed to fire off your own fireworks since El Paso County doesn't have fire restrictions.

Hanover Fire Chief Carl Tatum said this is one of the busiest times of the year for his department.

He and his fire crew will be out in their fire trucks for the 4th of July weekend making sure no fires start.

Tatum said a dry season in southern Colorado means he will be on high alert for fires.

"It's relatively dry out there and these fireworks leave the ground and come down and could start a wildfire," he said.

Tatum said one year a firework hit one of the fire trucks and cracked the windshield.

He said people need to be responsible with their fireworks.

"Kids, teenagers who do this, parents are liable for what they do and if they start a fire they can be liable for not only the cost, but also for the damages and civil suits behind that," he said.

Not only will firefighters be on the lookout for any fires, but so will the people in Hanover.

Brianna Scott is a ranch manager in Hanover. She said instead of grilling and lighting fireworks, she is going to keep her horses safe.

"Definitely going to keep an eye out, more than one at least," she said.

Tatum said Hanover had 12 scares last year in which fireworks were a problem. So far this year, he has zero and he hopes it can stay that way.

He said not all fireworks are legal. Tatum said if you buy fireworks from a stand in Colorado, they are more than likely legal. If they leave the ground, they're illegal.

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