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Heavy snow in the winter could be a problem for flood season

Heavy snow in the winter could be a problem for flood season

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Millions of dollars went toward flood projects in Manitou Springs and Williams Canyon and more money could be heading there, but this winter's heavy snow in the mountains could be an issue going into flood season.

Natural Resources Conservative Service consultant Leon Kot said the snowpack is bigger than usual and if heavy rain hits it, there could be a problem.

"There is just nowhere for the runoff to absorb into the ground. The snow sheds it and it allows for the rapid runoff and that's what causes floods," he said.

If rain - like last summer - doesn't mix with this year's snowpack, Kot said, the flood projects near Manitou Springs and Williams Canyon could help.

So far, more than four million dollars has been invested into flood projects in the area, and City Administrator Jack Benson expects to get about two million more from the state.

Benson said even though construction hasn't started, once work gets going it will be done quickly.

"This is a lot like building a house, you put in the foundation, nobody sees anything happening, then a building pops up and that's what's going to happen here," he said.

Benson plans on construction to start in late April.

City Council still has to vote on whether to accept the state money, but Benson said it's likely council will accept the grant.

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