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Help CPCD "Fill A Seat"

Help CPCD "Fill A Seat"

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Community Partnership for Child Development is putting little hands to work.  The children from the Head Start program are painting chairs for the "Fill A Seat Project."

In August, 142 children will be cut from this year's Head Start program in Colorado Springs after losing $530,000 in funding due to the sequester.

"The Fill A Seat Project is a way to involve the community in a fun and creative way to help us make sure that we don't have to cut 142 but that we can save approximately 30 of those seats," according to Noreen Landis-Tyson President and CEO of CPCD.

The goal is to raise $135,000, selling the one of a kind works of art for $500 per chair.  Every $4,500 raised will put one child back in the Head Start program.

Noreen challenged those who have so much already to help those in need,  "I think it is especially important for our elected officials think about coming together and helping us with this, the high profile business community come and help us our kids need your assistance they need you to help us fill these 30 seats."

The "Fill A Seat Project" will run from April 17-June 17.  You can still support the "Fill A Seat Project" even if you can't buy one of these chairs, by making a donation to CPCD.

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