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Help for any abuse victim

Organization Helps All Victims of Crime

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Domestic abuse is a tragic reality for some.

One organization helps victims for free, and it doesn't matter if the victims are documented or undocumented.

"When somebody is the victim of a crime or domestic violence, legal status is not a barrier in any way shape or form," said Sandra Hernandez, the manager of Centro the la Familia.

Centro the la Familia, or Family Center, is able to provide help through grants. Hernandez said that when a social worker provides counseling to victims, it is like walking a fine line.

"They also want somebody who is going to be able to pull them up from the abyss and travel with them, so they can indeed come out from that abyss," said Hernandez.

Centro the la Familia services many undocumented victims who stay in violent relationships far too long, partially because they are afraid they can't get help because of their legal status.

"We educate them and tell them, 'You have every right to repot,' 'Your legal status is not an issue, and you have rights whether you are undocumented or not," said Hernandez.

Law enforcement and even the District Attorney's office support all victims getting help.

If you need help or know someone who does, you can contact Centro de la Familia at (719) 227-9170.

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