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Helping break the cycle of poverty

Jeff Henderson's mission to help others

Wear Red Friday Hero Jeff Henderson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - A veteran helping veterans and others in Southern Colorado is making a positive difference for them.  Jeff Henderson is a Benefits and Outreach Support Coordinator at the Independence Center. He's been there for a little more than a year.  Since that time he's put together two programs to help those who are chronically homeless or newly homeless.  Jeff has helped more than 130 people break the cycle of homelessness and wade through the maze of programs to get them the benefits they deserve to stay off the street.

Jeff told me it's his mission to help others, "I decided to change this because I don't want people to be in poverty.  I want them to rise above it."  Jeff knows a thing or two about homelessness.  He's a 19 year military veteran who retired after a training accident injury.  Jeff came out of the service disabled and as he described it, "I found myself almost homeless, living off family and friends." 

Stephen Darr is one of the men who Jeff has helped stay off the streets.  Stephen suddenly lost his job, had his home foreclosed on and then was staying at a shelter wondering what to do next.  Stephen told me that when he met Jeff, "He understood right from the beginning what I needed and the help I needed.  I got my own apartment again.  I get disability."

Jeff Henderson now wants to expand his programs to communities all over Southern Colorado.  Jeff's life lesson for all of us can be simply put by him, "We take a lot of things for granted.  We shouldn't because it could be taken away at a moments notice."

Jeff Henderson's caring spirit and providing hope to others is why he is our Wear Red Friday Hero.  If you know someone who deserves to be nominated, go back to our homepage and the Wear Red section.  You can nominate them, on that link. 

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