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Wear Red Friday: Don't just drive by, help someone

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Staff Sergeant Codi Perry and Senior Airman Tomisha Pitts didn't just let one man have to deal with what could have turned into a serious situation for a lot of drivers at the intersection of Powers and Galley. 

It was lunchtime, the day after Halloween.   The pair was returning to Peterson Air Force Base after lunch.  A big box of nails spilled onto the intersection.  Codi picks up the story from there, "When we got closer we saw that he was trying to pick up something off the street and people were speeding past him.  We took the initiative to stop and help.  It looked like he was struggling a little bit. Cars were almost hitting him.  We wanted to help."

Tomisha tells me she was surprised no one else stopped to help, "They could have gotten flat tires.  A lot of people didn't care. They just over the nails and kept going."

A simple random act of kindness doesn't always make the news, but it does make me take notice of who I believe are Wear Red Friday Heroes.  Codi tells me, "In a situation where you need help you would hope someone would stop and have enough compassion.  It's always the best thing to do the right thing in any situation."

Tomisha told me roughly the same thing about why she and Codi stopped, "I've always been taught you treat other people the way you would want to treated."

Someone saw their kindness on the road and emailed me this story of two people in the right place at the right time and nominated them as Wear Red Friday Heroes.  We wear red every Friday to honor the military and those who support them.  You can nominate someone to be a Wear Red Friday Hero, too.  Go to our main page, Red Friday section and you will see the nomination form. 

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