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Herpin reacts to historic victory

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - "John Morse has conceded!" yelled Daniel Cole, the Executive Director of the El Paso County Republicans.

Those four words set off an eruption from supporters in the El Paso GOP headquarters.  Within minutes, the man selected to replace Morse, Bernie Herpin, talked about the voter's power.

"You have reminded us that elected officials are accountable to those who elect them," Herpin said.  "I am truly honored to be given this opportunity to restore your faith in government."

Gun control legislation spurred this historic recall effort.  Morse became the first Colorado legislative leader to be recalled from his position by voters.

While a new face will now occupy the District 11 seat, Herpin admits that the controversial laws that put him there probably aren't going anywhere for now.

"I don't think that there will be enough support in the legislative session to roll that back," Herpin said.

With millions of dollars coming in from out of Colorado to support both sides in the election, Herpin mentioned this vote sent another message as he took a swipe at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"We believe in personal responsibility, personal freedom, we don't want some guy telling us what size big gulp soda we can drink, how much salt we can use or what the capacity of our magazines should be," Herpin said.

Herpin will serve the remainder of Morse's term, which expires next year.

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