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Hidden homeless campers in Co. Springs

Homeless Outreach Team Continues Work

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Homeless people in Colorado Springs are hiding their camps. The city's no camping ordinance means the homeless can't pitch a tent for shelter, but they are doing it anyway.

The Homeless Outreach Team has gotten rid of many homeless camps in the city, and gotten people help, but not everyone wants that help.

If you see a tent along the highway chances are that is not a homeless person from Colorado Springs.

"Those are people who are passing though, aren't familiar with the system-- don't know our laws rules and regulations," said Ofc. Brett Iverson.

KRDO NewsChannel13 talked with some homeless people along Nevada Ave. and I-25. They sadi they move around a lot. They are "cowboy camping," or carrying their belongings and going somewhere different most nights.

The HOT team has only arrested one person for violating the ordinance, the officers said they prefer offering help, but there are hundreds of chronic homeless that just don't want it.

"That is the frustrating part. We never give up on those people. We still see them every day. We still talk to them. We still encourage them," said Iverson.

CSPD said Colorado Springs had about 600 homeless people when the no camping ordinance passed in Feb. 2010, and now there are about 200 in the city.

If you see a camp on public property you can report it by calling police at 444-7000, but there are only three people on the HOT team, so it could take a few weeks to get to your call.    

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