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High angle rescue team trains for emergency situations

High angle rescue training

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Firefighters on the Colorado Springs Fire Department's high angle rescue team are not scared of climbing high in order to save your life.

Members of the team trained at Red Rock Canyon Park on Monday (6/16/14).

Colorado Springs Fire Lt. Michael Archuleta said this summer will keep the high angle team busy.

"This time of the year is our season. We have lots of folks who are not familiar with the area, that's more potential for a rescue situation," he said.

Even though the team has to go through the same techniques and tie many knots for practice, firefighters say they don't mind doing it.

"I can do it 100 times right, but if I don't know what it looks like wrong, then I'm not going to know how to do it wrong," Crew Member Terry Murphy said.

"The rescues that bring us the starkest memories are those injured the worst, they are the ones we are interested in because we have to get them to the hospital," Colorado Springs Fire Capt. Pat Rogacki said.

Weather also plays a role in how the team saves someone's life.

"If it's cold, windy, wet, rainy, or snowy it changes the way we do it in terms of gear we wear and operation we do," Rogacki said.

The high angle rescue team is used about 25 times per year. They've already been called out more than ten times this year.

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