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High winds hit southern Colorado

High Winds Hit Southern Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Dust storms, tumbleweeds and probably a bad hair day.

There was no way getting around it on Tuesday with high winds.

The breezy weather isn't helping people with allergies either. In fact, doctors tell us, they're booked solid.

The National Weather Service sent out warnings on Tuesday.

"Last night I got a National Service Weather alert on my cell phone saying we were having a dust storm. Cold, windy, and just plain out freezing," said a man in Colorado Springs, bundled up for the wind.

It's an alert for dust storms and high winds.

The combination of windy weather and a very high pollen count are making things tough for people with allergies in Colorado Springs.

"A high tree pollen plus the high winds is just a double whammy. People are suffering," said Dr. William Storms with the Allergy Clinic in Colorado Springs.

Storms tells us his clinic is booked solid.

"The winds are driving us crazy because the patients are coming in with all these allergies. Right now the pollen counts are very high. We do them every day in the office," said Storms.

And he says it's expected to stay high over the next few months.

"We don't want people to live in a plastic bubble, so it's a matter of getting the right medicine for the right patient. It may be over the counter medicines, they could be strong enough, but frequently their not so they need prescription meds," said Storms.

He also says it's tough to know the difference between a cold and allergies.So if you're not feeling great, but aren't sure, the William Storms Allergy Clinic has an allergy skin test that's offered on your first visit.

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