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Hit-and-run victim urges driver to come forward

Hit-and-run victim urges driver to come forward

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The victim of a hit-and-run accident urged the driver to own up to their actions and come forward on Tuesday.

Patrizia "Trish" Morgan was walking crossing the street at Security Boulevard and Hallam Place on Monday at 7 p.m. She saw a car coming south on Security. She said the car slowed down for her so she started to cross the street, but then the car accelerated; she hit the hood of the car and then the ground.

Morgan's injuries sent her to the hospital. She had cuts and bruises all over her body.

"My head is pounding really bad right now," said Morgan.

Morgan's cuts and bruises were the only evidence in the hit-and-run accident. State Patrol said there was no evidence at the scene - broken taillights or broken headlights - and no witnesses, so there are no leads in the investigation.

Morgan said she can't believe the driver would hit her and take off.

"He had to have seen me, I was wearing a bright white sweater," said Morgan.

One neighbor who lives at the intersection said people don't watch their speed under the tight curve on the boulevard.

"I've seen so many near misses, it's astounding that it took that long to happen," said Karen. "You can't fix stupid, they can't put anymore signs up, they can't put a light there."

Morgan's boyfriend, Tristan Garnett, had asked Morgan to meet up with him and walk home. Garnett made it home before Morgan. He didn't see the accident but he heard her crying as she approached the home.

"I'm still shocked that she got hit, but if that was a kid, they could easily died.  I mean I'm surprised she's not injured more than she is," said Garnett.

Morgan said she would never have done what the driver did.

"I would have stopped, made sure the person was okay, not just kept going," said Morgan.

But Morgan said the driver has the chance to do the right thing, and that means turning themselves in.

The Colorado State Patrol asked for people to call 719-544-2424 with any information about the accident.

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