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Hit and run victim wants justice

Nurse was jogging nearby home when she was hit by a truck

Hit & Run Victim Wants Justice

A 26-year-old was running in the Security area on Oct. 20 when a driver hit her from behind.  

The impact left Heather Weisseg unable to move.  "I heard the truck, I did ... I figured it was going around me, never thought it was going to hit me," said Heather. 

The crash happened on Yucatan Drive.

She was rushed to Memorial Hospital where she spent the next four days receiving treatment.  Heather said she broke two bones in her back and likely has nerve damage.

"The nurse came up to me and said whatever you do don't move.  It was pretty scary to hear that," she said.

For the last few weeks, doctors have required her to wear a body brace.  It prohibits her from doing a lot of everyday tasks.  Heather said she struggles to lift her arm over her head.

Her condition has caused her to be unable to work.  Heather said she started a new job as a nurse just six weeks ago and some benefits hadn't kicked in including short term disability.

So without a paycheck, she is hoping the person who hit her will come forward.  Right now, they only have witness statements.

Heather said a person driving a silver Ford F250 is responsible.  She said the truck is likely a diesel, with a chrome roll bar, lifted body and extra large tires.

"I just don't understand how someone can leave me on the side of the road like that," said Heather.

In December, Heather will go back for a check up.  Doctors told her they will have a better idea then if she needs surgery to fix the damage to her back.

A family friend is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest.

If you have any information about the crash, you are asked to call Colorado State Patrol.

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