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Hobbyists show why drones are becoming more popular

Hobbyists show why drones are becoming popular

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Drone is a word that some say is used to spread fear and intimidation about an emerging technology.

"Drones are something the government uses as far as I'm concerned," said Sheldon Bucher.  "I consider myself an FPV enthusiast."

FPV is an acronym for "first person view."

"We have a camera on the top of it that films the flight and then a smaller camera below that we use to see the image through our goggles," Bucher explained.

Literally, a birds eye few, transmitted to their screens on the ground, in real time.

"What these allow us to do is leave the ground," another enthusiast named Randy said.  "It's immersive so it gets you in the aircraft just like you're flying it."

"I don't have the money to get a pilot's license, so what's the next best thing?  A remote controlled aircraft," said enthusiast Justin Britt.

They consider themselves hobbyists and they meet on a regular basis in Colorado Springs and around the region to have some fun.

"It's just a blast to fly," Britt said.

They are also aware of their hobbies reputation.

"I think their fear comes from the unknown," Randy said.

Ironically, the same cameras that draw them to flying also cause a lot of fear about privacy.

"I'm sure the government probably has some things that can see inside windows but these are just hobby grade equipment, they're not made to do that," Bucher said.

"It's all about the limitations of technology.  We can't do it, we don't want to do it, all we want to do is fly," Britt added.    

They say it comes down to the person flying the drone…not the technology.

"Safety is common sense," Bucher added.  "I think the problem right now is people buying these and they have no prior experience to flying anything."

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